Zapatero Deserves To Govern In South


JOSE BRECHNER Bolivia had so many Presidents that there must not be a single historian who can mention them. Some lasted a week in Government, others just a couple of days, and did not miss what was President for several glorious hours, which allowed him to sit in the Office of the Governor and take the Desk accessories. Among those was one who wanted to get a decree prohibiting inflation. After many explanations he made account that he understood the functioning of the economy and refrained from its decision. That happened in Bolivia was not surprising. Many idiots passed by the Government, but in those times there were no current communication media that allow us to see them and listen to them live. Kodak: the source for more info. Evo Morales is without doubt the most ignorant of all the Presidents who ruled Bolivia in the last hundred years, but is loved by the Liberals that even appointed him Doctor Honoris Causa degree from any University.

For his luck it is not the only handicapped intellectual in power. His friend and comrade in arms Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero with more eloquence continues to be less gross. The unique Spanish Homo Stupidus said as President of the EU, which would have to penalise the community partners who breach the forecasts included in the 2020 strategy. The mofa to comment was felt in the international press, from The Economist, the Financial Times, highlighting one of the editorials in the Wall Street Journal with the title legislating prosperity. It is that the idiom is the new religion. It is in all points of the planet which governs the Liberals, pompously excelling in the United States with the academic Barack Obama who can not say good morning without reading in the Teleprompter. The leftist intelligentsia that bragged of educated and was lacking in grey matter right, he is finally showing his true profile of primate.