Viscoelastic Dog Beds With Joint Problems

Dream dog tips around the sleeping place for your dog lots of tension and joint problems could of prevented proper bedding, Hello explains dogs physiotherapists Meike Danso of the Internet community dog. A healthy place to sleep should not constrict the dog in his natural sleeping posture, just keep the spine during sleep, and take the pressure off of the body. Therefore the ward block dream dog has focused on orthopedic dog beds, dog cushions and dog mats made of Visco-Elastic foam. Model nature the dog relieves sleep his musculoskeletal system. Wild dogs instinctively dig themselves a hole in the soft ground. Even domestic dogs have this need, what can be easily observed in everyday life: they dig in their bedding to a hollow is and turn several times around its own axis until you have found the correct position.

Many conventional dog beds do not meet the natural needs of the dog. Some dogs be given only a blanket hard surface, with low-quality materials, another stuffed dog bed that is located through a short time. The site the rest need varies from dog to dog. Some sleep between 12 and 17 hours a day. This, however, the Hundeschlaf not with human sleep is to compare.

Incredibly good hearing the animals repeatedly interrupts sleep, doze say dogs more than they sleep mostly during the day. Dogs are looking for mainly security at your place to sleep. An ideal location is therefore E.g. a corner in the room that provides protection and security. If possible, the dog should still from his bed have a good overview, because dogs are like in the vicinity of the Pack leader. Of course, a dog bed never next to a radiator or under a drafty window should be. The ranking every dog owner should decide what taboo zones (sofa, bed, etc.) he imposes on his dog. From the outset, an experienced dog owner, but ensures the correct order of precedence. Thereby, also the place of the dog plays an important role. Dominant animals are trying to occupy the places of the Pack leader and thus come under stress. They ensure a relaxed life together, if you more must conquer his own sleeping and resting place to have it alone must occupy and thus no other places your dog as a puppy the best. Generally speaking so don’t mind, to let the dog occasionally on the sofa or in your own bed. However, it is important that he obey, if he must again give your seats. Elisabeth Wurscher Ward block dream dog Humperdinckstr. 1 80807 Munich eMail: