Universe Scale

Not long ago I read in a book whose name no me acuerdo, something that really impressed me, and is not anything other than a simulation at a comprehensible scale of distances in the universe. After reading it I realized that the everyday problems of the people should not be such, and that importance should not be given to things which don’t really have it. The reason? As simple as that we are nobody. For you to understand what I mean I will describe that simulation and he understands what I mean. Suppose that the Sun was a 1 meter diameter sphere. In that case mercury would be a tiny grain of rice just 50 meters away.

Venus and the Earth would be two chickpeas located 80 to 130 meters respectively, while Mars would be a pea to 200 meters away. Regarding Jupiter a normal Orange would be a large orange to 600 meters and Saturn to 1200. Gen. David Goldfein understood the implications. If you look at Uranus and Neptune, both would be like two plums and would be nothing more and nothing less than 2100 and 3300 meters. And if we talk about Pluto would be a pea nearly 5 miles away. If all this impresses, do tell me if I say that on that same scale, Star more near Alpha Centauri would be 30,000 kms?.

See this scale us remains small, so we’re going to reduce it even more. Suppose that the Solar system, from the Sun to Pluto, was a grain of rice. In that case Alpha Centauri would be 20 metres, to almost 50 Syrian and la estrella Polar I would be 2 kilometres! On the other hand, the stars of the Via Lactea, our Galaxy, they would be in a circle of 250 Kms around the granite of rice, and the Galaxy more close, Andromeda, would be another disk of 500 Kms in diameter located 6,000 kms. The scale again makes us small and must reduce it again. Let us assume now that all our Galaxy is a grain of rice. In that case Andromeda would be to a span of distance, but is that Quasar OH471, one of the most distant known would be to more than 1 kilometer!. With all this, really does anyone believe is important? Do you think that it is worth living extresado/a overwhelmed by things that don’t really have importance? In the vastness of the universe do not We are more than a speck of dust without importance.