Trojan Marketing

Trojan marketing is the new way to reach customers indirectly, for it but the more sustainable. What do Red Bull and the Trojan horse together? Right: a clever idea. Because both opened themselves sent one, in the hearts and minds of consumers the others towards the target in the besieged Troy. Continue to learn more with: Eric Dane. How, how brands and products in a surprising, unconventional and sustainable way to achieve new customer groups, shows the book \”Trojan marketing\” from the Haufe Publishing House. Vienna, a graduation party: Red Bull presented all graduates of the University of Vienna, at the closing ceremony of the famous drink.

In a role that looks like the twin of the diploma. The result in the minds of happy graduates: graduation = happiness = Red Bull. And that last a lifetime. That’s not only smart, it’s also very inexpensive. Haufe spring new \”Trojan marketing\” the authors Roman Anlanger and Wolfgang A. Hear other arguments on the topic with Barry Stevens. Angel shows advertising and PR professionals who are new, highly-efficient Ways of marketing on.

Indirectly, unconventional, and for the customers of positive surprise, so owned and individually tailored strategies can be based on the check list in the book developed. The principle is simple and effective: take a well known brand and connect it with the own idea of the own product and place the package in the customers. \”Best-practice examples of from well-known companies demonstrate how Trojan marketing already comes to the usage and reach sustainable new target groups: Bosch recommends Red Bull Calgonit, as the\”diploma-done-the-future can come drink\”, computers have Intel inside, the Bionade blows up as a drink for a better world\” all sales records: the indirect marketing way is through strong partner or highly emotional events. Trojan marketing is a new marketing trend in the footsteps of successful predecessors such as guerrilla and viral marketing. Trojan marketing is ideal also to improve image. For more than 20 years the Karcher cleaning specialist has become the free cleaning specialized major cultural monuments.