The Same

2 CONCLUSION Given a negative feeling (which entered the sample tilting negative pole), two things can happen: One, we put more negative, more sad and as a result produce a pendular speed reduction negative. Therefore it takes longer to get out of this "pendulum sector," since the same distance in more time, for just long after moving pendulum us return to positive. 3rd CONCLUSION In contrast to the second conclusion, when I set myself the will power at all costs for writing the article that initially could not perform, produced negative tilting the speed will increase to such an extent that the negative distance walked so fast that I felt no adverse effects. On the other hand that inertia printed by the "strength of will", I unknowingly drove for RR at the other end of the pendulum (the positive). 4 CONCLUSION So as a final conclusion we see how it behaves in a diametrically opposite the pessimistic and optimistic at the same situations of periods tilting negative and positive: The pessimist when you enter the sector negatively, as when one falls into a well in Instead of wanting to climb out, unconsciously taking a shovel and keeps digging down, deepening your stay at this point. In contrast, the optimistic as power above explain his optimism tore out his most out of your stay in this positive pendulum. But the most striking analysis of this situation is that the pessimist when you enter the movement positive pendulum remains much less time than the optimist. .