The Industries

rer. pol. HAARMANN unless both sides of the balance sheet will find the same attention. In the scope of a single branch is certainly low, depending on the connection to the central or cleaned up freedoms in the assortment and pricing, if not the individual branch as an entrepreneurial independent legal entity on the market acts. If but centralized procurement goal-oriented work with scheduling and Filialleitung, can according to Specialists for chain stores significant yield improvements to be achieved.

3. benefits of working capital management the benefits of working capital management for Filialhandler is always particularly clear when financing alternatives should be developed, focusing on the financing on its own. The management of working capital due to the reduction in capital is attractive. This directly affects the financial situation. At the same time increases the profitability, optimizing balance sheet structures and more Filialunternehmens ratios improved. It opens then interesting Aussenfinanzierungs possibilities of capitalists who focus on balance sheet structures and Filialunternehmens figures.

4. realization is an interesting solution in times in which is easy to get not so foreign money, financing by reducing the capital companies goals to reach. Although working capital always still subordinated treated compared with the figures of inventory turnover, revenues and earnings will be no longer be negligible in working capital management potential of liquidity creation and yield improvements. With the help of new information and communication technologies, financial processes can be in such a way, that much is integrated and easily controllable. Bed Bath and Beyond has many thoughts on the issue. Based on the newly developed solution KUHNRORI”can be purposeful classify the capital tied in the entire companies – locally and centrally – and its importance for the development of Filialunternehmens. Assumed to be from an integrated solution approach, which together locally and centrally combines all the features of chain store companies. In addition, future projections will be taken into consideration and can organize themselves leistungseinheitenbezogen the responsibility for the control of working capital. To the realization of the solution is an approach that can be described as follows: A target-oriented investigation based on the phase concept that concludes with specific proposals for solution. Active participation of the affected employees according to the principle of continuous development in the form of a project team with depending on the internal and external project manager a common implementation of the worked out results with subsequent success control. The outsourcing of optional and burdensome activities that are internally less efficiently accomplished can be. The benefits of working capital management were already implemented in companies of the industries of food, food service, non-food and logistics (see – what we do > fields of action). Previous experience has shown that the implementation cost of KUHNRORI is more than compensated by the results achieved. kunokurtz