The Glass


At the beginning of 90s James had economic stability and he already thought even about lowering of working cycle to live to rent his technology. But it was not possible to him, besides his natural restlessness, Dyson was somewhat very of some legal messes with his licenses and in addition, were very inconforme with the way in which the companies used their technology. The drop that spilled the glass was when one of the graduates put the project in the congeladora. James spoke to them tremendously annoying and he said to them: ” if you do not want it to make I will do I myself “. It is possible to mention that for that then, Dyson already had offered its technology to the great world-wide manufacturers and all, absolutely all had rejected, it. The concept of improvement of the vacuum cleaners with the technology cyclone consists of eliminating the typical stock market filter that quickly is covered diminishing the suction of the apparatus. Medical billing describes an additional similar source.

In its place, a cone was inserted to make that the air with dust turned at heart retaining particles of the container and letting save the air by the part superior, right since it makes a cyclone in the nature. Yet and the brilliant thing of the idea, the challenge was greater, was necessary to join 2. 65 million dollars to initiate the company. James went to the local banks that of course showed their distrust by the project. He had then that to resort to its personal savings and to mortgage its properties. (Not to be confused with Carrier!). At the beginning of 1993, after to have realised neither the more nor less than 5127 prototypes, Dyson put in the market its first model, the DC01 to a price of 300 dollars.