The Development Of Search Operations


There is always on the side of difficulty level, which for example involved the innumerable and complex incidents and independent variables, which randomly samples individuals affected dogs, people or multiple speakers selected range of environments and used for the development of search operations. Chest Method is grounded primarily on all seven innovative behavioral techniques, which are complemented with high efficiency and influence on three fundamental and interrelated parameters in the search operation: autonomy, motivation and concentration. In the application of the Techniques Chest, used, for example, as basic tools: The body position of the guide. A methodical process of analysis and observation of canine behavior and work environments. A constant dose and individualized technical resources behavior. Thorough procedure interrelationship between all behavioral techniques.

The specimen made with this method tends to explode with intense physical and mental resources during the search process, especially in a natural, voluntary and fruitful. Discuss a very basic schematic Chest incidence method on the parameters: autonomy, motivation and concentration: Autonomy I found repeatedly that when a dog experiences a higher level of operating autonomy, it also increases their concentration in parallel to it. This system allows to optimize the level of autonomy associated with a strong attachment to the search behavior. The issue splits the guide without damaging interruptions in their present line of inquiry, as can be, sporadic returns to this or body acts in order to display it. Pointing out that excessive participation guide (misconception), verbal or physical conduct during the working dog, harmfully generate the consequent expectation of support rote dog store, which will become more sharp and interference during the search, as time passes without the issue has achieved the desired perceived stimulus scent of a possible buried. Add to your understanding with ihor kononenko.