The Color

The pink color will find it in people loving and amorous, not in vain is the color of love. They are able to fight up to incredible to achieve desired love, and usually get it. When the pink color of the aura it We find in the background, it will indicate that the person has reached a situation of maximum stability, both at the level of partner with the person. Read additional details here: Brittany Willis. The downside of the aura of pink, you will find a romantically weak person, who also lack self-esteem and personality. This situation makes it especially needy of affection and the esteem of others, without which could suffer big depressions. Bronze the person whose default the aura color is bronze, is the one who feels love for all and by all things, they have only good intentions towards everything turn their attention, they are innocent of heart, something that can only be found in children.

They possess an innate predisposition towards humanitarian aid, as well as they are tireless advocates for lost causes, as well as hardened fighters to avoid injustices, that at some point brings them more than one problem, by its extreme confidence toward others, to think that they are also like them. When the bronze color of the aura is presented in the background, you will be indicating a State of total harmony with the rest of the world, feeling the vibration that only love is able to emit. Instead, on the downside, the person with the aura color bronze, might prove to be unbearable, where the ambition to achieve their objectives as definirian as the authentic climbs. In this case its ability to disguise his true appearance, can reach up to pretend some kindness, whose sole purpose will be to reach to the manipulation of those around him. Orange person whose predominant color is orange, demonstrating great capacity for sociability, as well as a constant in all of its features activity.