The Colonels


But, the gunmen were there for protecting its Sir, therefore, they would have to be destemidos and brave. It is observed, over all, that most of the time, the colonels were of ' ' camarote' ' to wait that its tricks were carried through by others. The wait caused it much anxiety, therefore, if plus one of the battles she was looser, was signal that its power increased in relation to others. To if speaking in control of the power, Rock (2008: 135) citing Falcn affirm that they existed ' ' three vital elements to the control of the power: the economic force, prestige politician and violncia' '. Translation software has plenty of information regarding this issue. One perceives that the colonels used of the violence to acquire economic force and prestige politician. In way to as many disputes, as many deaths, as much money and as much cacao, the environment becomes favorable to Literature, therefore, as commented in the previous chapter, the fiction, from 1930, was pledged ' ' cantar' ' the scenes and the reality of its people. Thus, they attribute in the art histories of the scene ' ' of the fruit of ouro' ' , responsible for the growth of the South region of the Bahia. 2.

THE CACAO AS SYMBOL OF VIOLENCE IN LANDS OF THE ONE WITHOUT END, LOVED JORGE. The cacao appeared in the region grapina as promise of wealth, of easy money. Thus, men of all s parts of Brazil fulled of dreams and illusions and left for ' ' lands of the one without fim' '. However, when arriving at the zone of the cacao plantations, if they came across with a contrary reality to its yearnings. In the excerpt that follows the reality can be perceived of that they left for these lands: – I go I am pra Ferradas – a young announced. – I have a brother for there, you well.