The Birds


That ye blessed love fill you light to flood you give your gifts for a humanity that needs them to love to make you one and one will be with love. Come out and walk a path is commitment to every one of you and love is to develop in each. We can not walk by you, your effort is to reach every day a little more but not see him and seems that it does not advance, from the outside we can see your progress and as creceis. Give you freedom to choose from the heart and that light shall ye in your interior that ye serve shield and sword at once to tear the curtain of darkness and open I step into the cave to find the exit and to reconnect you with your essence. That essence is that unites us, that we’re made and is the essence of dreams, is the essence of the real thing, because reality and dream is the same for anyone who creates with faith. Come out and help your brother, share with him the strength that you already feel inside and accompany him on his way to make you raise your vibration. Do not give him crutches, only accompany you and assist you when your light flaquee so you can see your way. Never forget that during the process you have to continue walking, no wait for nobody, only puts him on his way and accompany him. Climbing mountains and is able to see what you have at your disposal to enjoy the beautiful GAIA gives and create your dream giving strokes of your desires and watch as they appear new colors that come out of your heart and look for flowers and Prairie that adorn, continues with your view the birds and as you enjoy your flight. Join them and flies also, he dreams and do a new reality with faith.