Tattooed Skin: Tattoo Show In Singapore

In Singapore, for the first time passed the international tattoo show, which, according to its organizers, was the largest event of its kind in the entire South-East Asia. If you would like to know more about medical billing, then click here. The show, which cost the organizers in Singapore 300 000 dollars, was attended by more than 20 Singapore studio, as well as representatives from the U.S., Western and Asian countries. The number of visitors has exceeded 8000. In addition, we plan to hold an annual show with rock groups and show bikers. Organizers have sought not only to change people's attitudes to tattooing, but also show an amazing mastery of the show. For residents of China, Japan and South-East Asia tattooing is an integral part of their cultural heritage. This is the traditional art of decorating has its roots in ancient times.

For many people the tattoo – it's not just drawing on the body, but an ancient ritual that has its own special significance. Over the past two decades, Asian tattoos not only gained popularity in the West, but also aroused the interest of the younger generation of Asian countries to the culture of tattoos in general. Is not only a popular Asian design, but also attract methods of execution drawings. Today, tattoos are applied with conventional means of special machines, while the local traditional tattoos are applied by means of metal rods and pins. According to witnesses, it is quite a painful procedure. Examples of traditional tattoos can be tattooed and the Thai island of Borneo Tattoo Sak Yant.