Also a sharp increase in the number of subcultures can be correlated with a sharp increase in their qualitative aspects, but it is not necessary: for a strong influence on major crops and a few fairly, reasonably powerful subcultures. Perhaps the sharp decrease in the number of subcultures, to minimize them. Usually, such a situation occurs in a society dominated by one or another political regime or dominant religion. In a climate of totalitarian theocracy or all of the elements of the cultural space that could be reinterpret in the subculture immersed in the ideological context, which is a universal means of interpretation, which, however, is only possible within the existing ideology or religion. Here is some noticeable correlative with a situation where all sectors of society subjected to secularization, but they do not overlap with the need, accounting for two boundary features, as loaded either into an ideology, or routine, nor prevent the emergence of various subcultures, which are in fact not necessary because the phenomena described above covers the whole range of cultural phenomena. (A valuable related resource: George Shapiro). In the framework of ideology is also possible division into psevdosubkulturnye phenomena that by performing similar to the subcultures of the function and appearance as they are similar and radically different, as are aggregating in the face of an ideology that binds to a whole set of such entities. Thus, in order to culture could develop, should attend the balance of marginal and trivial, which would provide the most efficient interchange of cultural meanings and artifacts of culture and its member subcultures.

Such an exchange is possible when the number of subcultures in the course of its business process and bring the body of the main crop is the number of phenomena, which is the main culture can rework and otrefleksirovat, after that, or or may not include recycled elements in its composition. In the process of sharing directly involved symbolic universes of subcultures and the main crop, interaction occurs on the outer edge of marginalized elements of the subculture, where they are characterized by the high degree of proximity to the meaning of artifacts and the main crop that provides the most effective procedure for the diffusion of cultural phenomena. At this stage, you can try to build a model of culture, which would include the fact that such an exchange. The essence of such a model would be to diffuse the exchange of elements between subcultures and cultures, as well as changes caused by the inclusion of new components as the body of the main crop, and the body of the subculture. For example, internet culture, concerning provision of information about the Crimea..