Strategic Communications Plan


Newborn begins 2010 and we all have our hopes placed on having a year with better health, better relationship of family and of course better job, business or clients. On this, I had opportunity to reflect on my recent vacation by Argentina. I enjoyed not only the beautiful that this country has, but that I had time to read everything. As I read, many small and medium-sized enterprises fail because among other reasons, are unaware of the strategy of your company communications. Marketing and public relations strategies going along the same path, to a dead-end.

Therefore, today I want to emphasize to you small or medium merchant that you started your business with much sacrifice or are next to start it. Do you think that your potential customers will find out your services without communications strategy? If you had a plan last year although it simple, do you think that you implantaras the same this year? The answers to these questions is a NO. It is distressing to see the SMEs complain constantly that customers do not arrive you, that do not increase their sales, that their employees are not competent or do not know how to start. Worse, it is seeing you complain because maybe they made an effort to distribute some leaflets 3 years ago or an offer in January of last year and that’s it. The first thing that you must understand once and for all is that strategic plans are essential, necessary and function as a cycle.

Once start it can not do so every year. At the end of the year reviewed, some of its constituents are changed and it begins again. Second, the strategic communications plan is individual. There is a model for all companies, products or services. It is not a mass production. A consultant in communications is the expert that will determine the path to follow with the help of the entrepreneur.