Steffen Etzel

What do I have? What can I sell or encumber even? What outstanding debts can I still claim? Who owes even me?” Who was so overwhelmed, could go toward the debt Advisor. Each municipality and the Church teach consultants. See more detailed opinions by reading what Customer Choice Awards offers on the topic.. Sometimes also a conversation is sufficient, if a neutral person looks at the financial situation and creates order.” Only when these measures are not sufficient to alleviate the financial difficulties, you can pull a credit into consideration. “Steffen Etzel recommends: the first point of contact is the bank where you can request a condition.” Anyone wishing to take mortgage brokers claim, must proceed carefully. Reputable mortgage brokers are available with many banks in connection and get their money in the form of a Commission by the banks, not the borrower.” A mortgage broker who provides initial costs charged to the customer, is frivolous.

Steffen Etzel recommends “any Kreditsuchenden of them that allow home visits by financial intermediaries: sell a washing machine, although you wanted to have a refrigerator.” There are many credit comparisons on the Internet. You must not shy away from the trouble of looking online. Also magazines or daily newspapers offer credit comparisons. That it makes a request of the condition at the Kreditanstalt Bank or the intermediary and not immediately fill out the credit application is important,”, warns the GoMoPa user Etzel. Otherwise you lost his credit from other banks because each rejected application is entered in the SCHUFA!” Is economically viable only appropriate credit. Who ever lives beyond its means, that means more issues than he is, gets no credit.

For the unemployed, Etzel sees little chance. “With Hartz IV can be operated with 35 Euro surplus no credit, it is because you can offer collateral such as real estate.” No credit without appropriate repayment ability. Loans without verifying the SCHUFA of Kreditsuchenden are possible. “The conditions for such loans are described in the online forum by GoMoPa: this form of financing is offered exclusively by a Swiss company and fully placed on the Garnishability of the monthly rates.” Under certain conditions, it is said in the GoMoPa Forum, loans are granted up to 3300 euro. Rainer Holbe