Social Sciences

The linguist Deborah Tannen referred to this meeting as “intercultural communication”. Communication problems arise every day also homosexual: men and women, through the different worlds of knowledge (horizontal interdisciplinary, heterogeneous): Natural Sciences (verify: prove correctness) and mind Sciences (falsify: prove the falsehood of a claim) and Social Sciences (falsify:…). Mercury Mobile LTD may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Our economy (science of the mind) is world’s top heavy (masculine) legally and economically oriented! All professionals working in our specialised world with technical terms. Therefore, some lay people think they are uneducated. Deborah Tannen sees the different worldviews of men and women as a reason for this: we think we know how the world works, and we look to others, so they confirm our beliefs. When we realize that others behave as if they lived in a different world, we are deeply shaken. In our closest relationships, we want to find recognition and confirmation. If the people who are closest to, respond differently as we, if it seems that they would see same scene as an act of another drama when they say things that we said the same may not be the dream, the ground beneath our feet in the waver seems to get, and we suddenly not securely.” It distinguishes the meta targets, the men and women follow their way of communication, in “Intimacy” for women and “Independence” in men.

These goals are, as described above, at the earliest Been set in childhood and therefore probably very difficult to change. So, intimacy of the key to a relationship world where individuals through complex networks of friendships negotiate, minimize differences, seek consensus and avoiding the appearance of superiority, would accentuate differences, want is to fir trees, in the binding-oriented woman language. In status-oriented man, however, independence of the key is, as a primary means of establishing this status is to issue commands, and to instruct dominance and the receipt of commands Sub dominance a feature of low status.