Greg Hall and band attract young people from CJD and YMCA round 100 teenagers from CJD and YMCA met in these days to the common “Cafe plus” in the Palazzo of the Offenburger youth village. This third meeting was under the motto “Life stories”. To guest, the band was “For the one” to frontman Greg Hall. For more specific information, check out Dollar General. Lahrer musicians in songs and stories told by his memorable experiences that have taken him from drug and alcohol addiction. Greg Hall reported by many “empty places in my memory”, as he explains his past young people. The native Canadians stationed in Lahr as a soldier. After retiring from the army, he toured many years around the country as a musician. “Sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll” specific in his life.

By drugs and alcohol, his marriages and friendships have failed. Only through more profound events, Greg Hall found its way “from the shadows into the light”. For eight years, the musician lives his faith; He has not touched drugs and alcohol. His experiences and his faith He processed their own songs. With the 2009 band “For the one” as well as a successful mix of rock, folk, country, and life story convinced Greg Hall in the “Cafe plus”. The series comes from a partnership between YMCA and CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany. Here, young people and staff of the two institutions several times a year for the sharing of experience come together, explains Matthias Zeller, regional Secretary in the YMCA Landesverband Baden.