Second Professional

To remain retired Hamburg many activities where retirees throughout the year could go to active and fit, if it is cold outside and uncomfortable, December 08, 2010, are no longer possible in freezing temperatures. Was recently made the garden, in the pedals or extensively went for a walk, it’s cold outside now, smooth and uncomfortable. This restricts the list of possible activities. How can you remain still active and keep mentally as physically fit? A new idea: the second professional spring in the middle of winter. Because retirees become active again in her learned profession as senior experts. Companies that find their Erfahrung value and offer interesting projects, senior experts under. Here their experience bring retired, part time-limited project work, once again guard specialists.

We reactivate the valuable experience of the specialists in retirement for the benefit of all those involved”, explains sentiso Managing Director Jakob tuber. This winter, senior experts that can bloom again. Retirees who accept the challenge, not only benefit from one deserve to, they keep fit too by the way. It has been scientifically proven that a prolonged mental and physical fitness results by work at the age”, continue to tuber. The dark season is with a professional commitment to actively bridge.