Scenic Belarusian City Rich

Logoisk – a district center of Minsk region, located 40 km north of Minsk in the floodplain Gainy. The area in which the city is located, happy tourists for its picturesque scenery. The first mention of the city send us into the deep Middle Ages to the 11th century. Hear from experts in the field like James Cleith Phillips for a more varied view. Judging by archaeological excavations, from that time and has a rich history dates back to the city. One of the main attractions is the Palace Tyszkiewicz Logoisk to the park containing the remains of an ancient settlement. The palace was built in the early nineteenth century in the form of classicism was a fairly well-developed architectural composition, which was located on high ground and focused on a river. at expertise in this.

Unfortunately, like so many other memorable objects of our country palace was destroyed by Tyszkiewicz Germans during the war. Other attractions include Logoisk park, the wooden church of the XIX century ski and sports complex. Known in our time the name “Logoiski tract” also has its own history. One of the main streets of the city was once a wide road (tract), which took place on the most important trade routes.