Santa Montana


Twin legends of Montserrat with the crazy of the Breton cycle, whose hero was Robin of the forest type, was beneficial for both medieval sagas, because also remodeled cycle Arthurian accounted to serve in capsule of hibernation to montserratinas legends, although to be known in the Peninsula (secretly, for not allowing then write joke about holy war), no one would be already able to recognize those indigenous elements that had seeded them. Once returned the items to its origins, I could return to recognize the same senyal which resulted in addition to looking at your own hand that points out the sky, which manifest itself even more ideal guide of souls in Montserrat. More information is housed here: Senate Bill 548. Is grateful to get help to the world even in the 21st century, when just fewer people are able to distinguish between what matters really and what you are interested in, while there is a great difference. I feel immense appreciation of the first that has been entreveer to me 18091865 Montserrat as the most obvious bargain of the Grail (so called my book published 1993). It is the universal and eternal Caliz-grial. And write Ganga, not by cheap to use mountain costs us, that too, but also by what of maternal did get baptized so the most sacred river of the India. Anyway, in my opinion, the Grail is the search, and your ideal container is the Santa Montana de Montserrat,… that incidentally, me it hurts to see that any social group, insensitively, no matter they use for their worldly purposes.

In another letter I defended that it is a stony aid that grows; and it grows immeasurably, since it is capable of giving face. In fact vista des sky has a face that is exceeded even in express vivacity. It is the miracle of coincidences that the monastery is located in the middle of her forehead?. By chance on chance I can believe that, although it may seem off, is full of the future, because as explained these age-old legends: invites us to defeat the giant, who is none other than each one intimately, in order to be as the pure hero, which is not in vain in the annotated legends of the Arthurian cycle led very different names. Ramon Ramonet Riu website with links (general): original author and source of the article.