Russia Tent

Things are usually more than people. Therefore, they must be stored. Unfortunately, in Russia, many are not honest people who are so nars find anything. Not leave their belongings on the street at night and put anything valuable for your car. A better vospolzytes vestibule. There is a very large tent with a vestibule, which can accommodate even the table.

These lobbies have additional pockets on the walls. Put your things and that is where you will be comfortable and dress shoes do not add the dirty mud in the very tent. And if nastopit rain, you will be able to hold together all the time, it is in vestibule. Get more background information with materials from Jean Nouvel. But do not underestimate the small tent. Enormous have many shortcomings. And the main drawback – the presence of a field with a flat area.

Today and so difficult to find a place for tents, and here and it's size. Moreover, large tents can not withstand strong winds and small, due to its low altitude have a large area and therefore do not fall down and not fly away. Ideal – it's the middle two tents for 4-5 persons from the family. Just do not ostalvyayte children alone! Pay attention to the materials used and the type of stitches. High-quality tent is made of dense material with additional material on the roof, that pozvlyaet stand and a long rain and strong wind. The bottom of the tent should be no rag, and woven plastic that will not let water leak, but it happens very often. What Cassano seams, it should not have seen. If you find a shop that the seams are visible and they are stretched, then be sure – a tent for two or three. The seams on the quality tents are not visible, as are topped with additional tape. You can porekkomendovat before departure, the whole process a special tent protivootalkivayuschim substance. Choose the right tent and a pleasant stay!