Rural Tourism

Rural tourism in Bulgaria has great potential and is actively developed. Get all the facts and insights with medical billing, another great source of information. The combination of wonderful nature, calmness, home cosiness and clean air can be found in each of the many Bulgarian villages. Tourists Bulgarian village take as guests. More than 50 villages and 30 monasteries in the mountains of Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopes, on the Black Sea and Danube provide a basis for placing this kind of tourists. They offer the most a variety of options for those wishing to spend their holidays outside the city and busy lifestyles. Guests can stay in your home or small family hotel, live with local people to engage in agricultural activities, even on their own to produce yogurt, or a manual canvas, or clay pot. Those who decided to spend a few days in peace, which offers a Bulgarian village, will entertain homemade yogurt, cheese, tender lamb, pork chops and succulent delicacies, fragrant home-made wine and brandy wonderful – proud owners of the house. Organized walking tours, excursions on horseback or on carts, craft courses and cooking classes for those who want to touch the skills and secrets of the Bulgarian masters delicious Bulgarian cuisine.

Guests can go hunting or fishing, gathering herbs and mushrooms. Interior in rural homes – a combination of national tradition with modern comfort. All the foundations, so that was convenient for guests to provide recreation in everyday life. And the hosts and guests enjoy a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, berries and other food products. Bulgarian village is largely preserved centuries-old traditions and a true culture of the Bulgarian people. It provides a unique opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere of rural houses, presented in their natural environment – a rare combination of preserved to this day the spirit of tradition and modern comfort with the wealth of the Bulgarian nature. Calm, clean air, quality food – it all helps fans get this kind of tourism a good rest. Just after several days spent in the village, visitors feel relaxed, fresh and full of energy and pleasant emotions, and leaving, you know that will once again go back to his new friends. Zadayuschisya to question where and how you can really relax, the answer is rural tourism in Bulgaria.