Requirements For A Civil Marriage

When wanting to make a civil wedding, should be into account, that it has to meet certain requirements to be able to perform this type of unions; i.e. it should comply with requirements for a civil marriage and after this may be beginning to procedures that shape the union of marriage. Giving development the topic of requirements for a civil marriage, of a general view; first thing that should be done is to take a form or form the Court of family in which you want to carry out civil marriage; in this form will be asked some personal information, so it should be filled. After the above, must submit such form or form accompanied by the civil records or birth certificates of both the Court in case of national civil registry has a term of 30 days and for foreigners has a term of 90 days-; You must specify that such registration is for marriage. Must also attach copies of the document of identity or passport for foreigners; in both cases should be authenticated copies. Previous documents must be accompanied by the certificate of registration, in addition to a judicial declaration of marital status that have both parties. Go to ken morris for more information. It can be for different situations in the life of the bride and groom future, be required to comply with certain special requirements for the realization of civil marriage, such as: where one or both of the bride and groom are widowed, must present the certificate of death of the previous spouse, as a means to sustain their marital status and the non-existence of marriage with the deceased person. In the events in which one or both parties, are divorced; It is necessary to present the document certifying termination of the previous marriage or the Divorce Act itself.

When within the couple is someone foreign, you must present a certificate given by consular registration; But if you have nationality of the country in which you want to perform civil marriage or have dual nationality, it won’t be necessary to present the certificate of registration consular. You must add a judicial waiver, in those cases in which one of the components of the couple is minor, so that civil marriage is valid. The situation may arise that while one of the intending spouses is minor, but is between 16 and 18 years old and found in family emancipation i.e., having an own sustenance – not necessary the presentation of the judicial waiver, so it can perform civil marriage; Since for the civil effects flowing from marriage, it looks as if it were one person of legal age. All the previous documents, if necessary, should be submitted in the corresponding register, for then the judge granting the authorization for civil marriage. Original author and source of the article