Ramon Performance

The Benefits of high impact are knowing how you are perceived by others how respond to interpersonal challenges how to recognize your own style of behavior how will recognize the style of behavior of your interlocutor how respond to rules and procedures set forth by others how to adapt your behavior to an optimal interaction in the work environment be promoted in proper workplace environment so the company optimize its performance and results. For example, through the use of the DiSC, everyday situations such as one that occurred between Felipe and Ramon can be avoided. The first was rather an i, that is very people oriented and promoting productive relationships and the second was a D, which had little available in the workplace to socialize and was much oriented to the result, and is upset when Felipe was talking about the Party of the previous Sunday and when he laughed with customers by phone.

Philip thought it was a unfriendly, Ramon thought that Felipe was a little serious person, yet their results suggested otherwise. People such as John B. Watson would likely agree. There was always a certain friction between the two. However, if they had known of the DiSC, these rods are could have been avoided. Felipe would have known that we had to go to the grain and leave the social party for breaks and meals. Ramon could have recognized that it was Felipe fashion and that it did not prevent him performance, but on the contrary, and would have been much more tolerant. There would have been an environment more comfortable and productive, which would have benefited not only these two but to his teammates and clients, driving performance and superior results.