Quality Management

\”The decisions of the Conference of Health Ministers in 1999 ensure quality in the doctor’s Office on behalf of the patient and the statutory health insurance modernisation Act (GMG) have the topics of quality management\” and certification \”have moved into the focus of the medical profession and for excitement. The concrete content and timetable of the introduction of practice-internal quality management system while pending. In addition: at present, there are over 100 different quality management systems, and there are more every day. The doctors are almost overrun by vendors who keep their respective QM system for the best. For even more analysis, hear from Bed Bath and Beyond. And so it is not surprising if the dentists somewhat clueless are faced with the problem of QM. Is recommended to worry now, can be as a QM-system in practice is carried out.

Not only meet to be, but because the awareness by the preoccupation with QM, on behalf of the patient to optimize practice processes to the requirements of the legislator. Where: Quality management is a thing of the setting of the doctor and his staff to the patient in the first place. Quality assurance and quality management In comparison to the medical quality assurance \”means, quality management\” systematically to take care, that the procedures in a doctor’s Office indeed expire, as they are scheduled, to ensure a high-quality medical services. So the detection to provide failure, turn off and avoid errors in the future. In other words: A QM-system describes quality standards and maintains policies that help to comply with these standards.

Quality management is a dynamic and open process that is enshrined forever and not an accomplished high-standing standard, but must be developed continuously on the new. A practice should try every day to get better and to improve quality. \”But what is with better\” mean? The patients always handle with the most innovative and best and most expensive unit? With the patient as detailed discussions?