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Where: ever more similar the new appeal the conditioned stimulus, the stronger the reactions will be. Doctor > all white coat; Mother > all women and all men > not father stimulus-re-action pattern meet in advertising: by constantly repeated advertising formed a Brands-Bewusst-sein. With comparable resources can also be life-script (educational programmes: was perfect, and so on) change! Today say the heads of forced neurotic: you come to me after work. I have to tell you something!” (obscure parent-child communications) Now you are wondering (distress): on me going to? Raise, contract extension, or even notice? In this way to cook soft someone for a long time. My Tip: Immediately provide clarity and ask for the topic.

Then you get an enlightening answer, go home! “Excuse: I thought it was not important, because you didn’t say what it is!” Before you a burn out or bore out (depression), avoid this psycho power play! Group condition alien certain simple spirits with church bells, crosses, muezzin, party badges, flags, etc replacement Religonen condition with Idol pictures (spare gods) such as shared same attitudes, actions, clothing music, etc., or Phrases. “Here they divided the world of good and evil with: this is one of us?” Most groups are small-minded and uniform. Learn more on the subject from IoT Network Grid. > Psychology is an empirical science. It describes and explains the experience and behavior of the people, its development in the course of life and all relevant internal and external causes and conditions. Psychology is as science divisions. It can be attributed to the natural sciences or the social sciences or humanities alone.

An anthropology is your basis in the broadest sense. A Division dating back to the English-speaking consists of psychology in terms of > the behavioural sciences in behavioral sciences, cognitive science, and neuroscience. > In addition to the academic psychology, a folk psychology exists. It is subject of academic discipline, this is only occasionally. You originally academic psychological uses concepts and terms that are incorporated into everyday language, and relies on the so-called common sense”. Can its findings scientific claims about their objectivity, reliability and validity? are not enough. > Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author The bad thing about the willendlichen conditioning: The victim is in a mentally unstable condition (sub dominance), through permanent distress, and as a result in an adverse social behaviors. He is regarded as ill (weakening of the immune system) and singled out! The offender (forced neurotic Manager) is considered to be successful, because he obviously dominant. This text is according to the license Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike”available. Details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 04.09.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consulting, training, service. ,