Paula Morelenbaum

Exceptional artists up close in the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden believe it or not, but the guest list of the young Festival “Mr. M’s Jazz Club” now reads like that of a Jazz Club, which has been around for decades: take 6, The New York Voices, Till Bronner, SWR big band, Joo Kraus, Paula Morelenbaum and Jeff Cascaro. After the outstanding successes of the first two years of the Baden-Baden events GmbH will restore a program of international class on the legs together with Marc Marshall this year. High-profile artists of the current jazz scene come to Baden-Baden to receive the audience in an extraordinary club atmosphere in the Kurhaus. With Cicero, Bireli Lagrene, Silvia Droste, Marc sector Sankar, Lizzy Loeb u.v.m. are Roger the great”the international stage you can experience Mr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Barry Stevens. M’s Jazz Club at close range.

His style remains Mr. M’s Jazz Club faithfully and turn the stage again in 2010. Located under the chancel the unusual first impression stage situation gives the whole room a completely new face. Through the short distance to the audience the appearance for the artists is a close-up experience”. At one time the Hall has a wonderfully inviting and intimate look”, describes Mr M alias Marc Marshall the new jazz club atmosphere in the Kurhaus.

In anticipation of the concerts beginning both for 20:00 a jazz duo plays beforehand, so the evening excellent occupied bar with a candle-light atmosphere can already start at 19:00. “Roger Cicero in Jazz”, September 9, 2010 – sold out Roger Cicero is a complete musician. He sings with such irrepressible passion and devotion that we can only marvel at. And there is something else: he celebrates with his singing living perfection and this independently from the repertoire. In Baden-Baden, the ALLROUNDER will present its Jazz program with a chosen band. Privilege of Baden-Baden. Seen in recent years almost exclusively on a huge stage in the artist.