Interactive Nature

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Astrology – a close study of the interactive nature of our universe. Our world, our solar system, stars, our neighboring galaxies and the nature of our inner being is deeply connected. Planet's majestic revolve around their stars, and we also – part of the dance. The motion of celestial bodies, in turn, determines the movement of their neighbors, and together they directly affect the life of everything around us, and deeply affect Each of us indiscriminately in ways that we might not know. To fully grasp the value of astrology, it is important to understand that astrology is very different from what we expect from psychics and clairvoyance. If you want to to know the winning lottery number or street address of the high dark stranger if you selected astrology is very helpful.

However, unlike the psychics, astrology will not deceive you. Astrology will teach you read the signs of gifts in my life and will guide you, and may explain the present effects at the time of your birth, as well as those gifts that stay with you throughout your life on this earth. Her message is the number of time Astrology is as old as the stars. Many centuries ago, ancient peoples noticed that the motion of stars and planets, which they have observed in our sky, created certain patterns and impact on a specific order here at Land. The moon, as was noted, affected the flow and as the season took turns approaching the planet, changed the contact with our planet.

Holy Spirit

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The man who puts his eyes on things above, in the eternal character certainly raises its existence on a more firm and lasting basis. While those who only live for today and with an eye to the material, will eventually be overthrown by the same insensitivity of the system. A life spiritually foreclosed, empty house has a large or small. Listening, reading and above all to live the Word is the first step to build on a firm and secure. Engage in daily communication, a relationship with God when we do it with a friend eventually bring unlimited blessings to the soul.

Yeah, sure there will be peace in our house but the floor is wood or straw. Do not be vulnerable to any whim of fate and pay attention to signs that the Lord sends us. Christ uses a thousand ways every day inviting us to live in communion with God the Holy Spirit of God, and again urges us to let us use their wisdom to live lives that span. And the truth is … Most of the time we look the other way, leaving tomorrow an issue as important as peace and eternity. Worse, if we persevere in a church and the teachings of the Bible go in one ear and out the other, nothing has been achieved and no doubt the end will be … I'd rather not say. Jesus invites us to build and has lenvantar our lives on the solid foundation of rock, about the same.

Features Multiludica

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We believe that implementing the system will allow a small revolution in the teaching and learning. If we consider the enormous savings of hours-teacher involved. Besides the fact that children will achieve a great mastery of mental arithmetic and all the goodness that comes with the system, while also considering such virtues (as demonstrated in countless pilots carried out) move including apprenticeships other materials (More alertness, better concentration, etc..) And if that were not enough, the child raises their self-esteem to new levels. We are facing a system that will undoubtedly bring huge benefits for children without hesitation. To date there have been many riders and courses that guarantee the fairness of the system. The age at which usually begins to teach the system are the seven years. But the child just enough to know multiplication table 5.

There have been cases of children aged 6 years who knew the table of five and learned to multiply until smooth table 20. Courses taught in all the results have been very satisfactory for the students and for parents. We then summarize schematically to show the virtues of the system: Features Multiludica .- 2.1 .- Multiludica learned as a game. 2.2 .- The child does not need to memorize results in no time. 2.3 .- The work is totally mental. 2.4 .- The goal is for the child reasons permanently. 2.5 .- Once you learn the system, child will never forget how to get the results.

2.6 .- His teaching does not punish or penalize the child at any time. By avoiding any rejection or blockage created by the traditional method. 2.7 .- It comes to dominate not only the table of 12 but 20. As nearly doubled the results. 2.8 .- The learning increases concentration, alertness and retention in children. Children with attention problems too distracted or fail to improve significantly. 2.9 .- This raises two very important positive effects: first the domain of the system greatly increases the child's self-esteem because it overcomes even high school students and on the other skills noted above transfers them to other courses to improve their school performance significantly. (Evidence of this effect are many parents) 2.10 .- His practice provides a fast and fun highly rewarding experience between father and children very different from the traditional rote practice torturous we all know. 2.11 .- The multiplication is a very abbreviated and it is the reverse of division. So your domain implies a significant improvement in both operations. I mention this because some parents say "but only learn to multiply" when other transactions are implicit. There is a video that demonstrates the effectiveness of the system:, look for us there as multiludica. What we want is to contact people and / or institutions wishing to support us to spread the system.

We’re Going To Venice Of The North: Tours In St. Petersburg

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About half of the tourists coming to Russia, visiting the 'Venice of the North', and in recent years, the number of tourist arrivals has been steadily increasing. Coming to St. Petersburg, no doubt, will not be bored from the lack of attractions. In architectural terms, the city is perceived as an ensemble of unique beauty palaces and temples. Streets and avenues of the city on the Neva can feel a perfect harmony and strict perfection. However, the city has its own unique face – it was built on a common architectural plan, approved by Peter the Great.

Around the city is a kind of necklace made up of parks, Petrodvorets, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Lomonosov, Gatchina, with the most beautiful palaces. They were created as a ceremonial country residences of Russian Tsars and court nobles. Wonderful landscape and monuments of landscape architecture are now historical and art museums. Suburban Tours of St. Petersburg offered travel companies, are among the most popular tours in St. Petersburg. The unique culture of St.

Petersburg has crucial in shaping his appeal to the international tourist market. Fifty houses with world-renowned artistic groups, in which there is a bright palette and the Mariinsky Theatre, and Opera and Ballet Theatre named after MP Mussorgsky. More than 300 museums and permanent exhibitions are always ready to throw open their doors welcoming to visitors. Organized every year more than 100 international festivals, competitions, traditional festivals. Often the main arena for such events have become the central streets and squares. One of the major directions of development of tourism in St. Petersburg is the cruise industry. Tours of the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is very popular among visitors as tourists, and among St. Petersburg. From St. Petersburg to the river boats can travel along the Volga-Baltic water system and to visit ancient Russian cultural and historical centers of Kizhi, Valaam, and many others. To any visitor who visited St. Petersburg, was a comfortable environment, the city has more than 800 travel companies, which organize group and individual tours to St. Petersburg, all kinds of excursions in St. Petersburg and its suburbs for school.


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In Russia, has become increasingly popular summer holiday in Gelendzhik. This is not surprising. In recent years, the city is growing rapidly, you can tell just by cosmic speeds. The city built a large annual number of new housing, leisure dealer. There are new water parks, amusement parks. More and more pop stars are looking to Gelendzhik. Now begun building a major international airport.

All appears more entertainment venues, slowly improving infrastructure. So every year the attractiveness of our resort is growing. And yet, what we have at the moment. As they say, do not fly there planes and trains. Get in Gelendzhik is quite difficult. So, there are two options. Either you ride the train to Novorossiysk, or on a plane to Anapa and Krasnodar.

From Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik much closer, because start with the first option, the more that problems in general, are similar. The first trouble that awaits you on arrival at Novorossiysk is that from the train / train station to Gelendzhik buses do not go. You can try to get there on the bus, although willing to engage in the journey a lot more than it can accommodate a trolley. The second hurdle – a lot of things for all passengers. After all, they're going to rest and light except children. Therefore, assault trolley promises you great experience. The next surprise is that from a stop to the bus station for more than two quarters. So prepare to have your stuff together and make a march on out of the trolleybus. This is where it offers real adventure. To start the administration cleverly hid bus station ticket office behind the building, so you can enjoy their search. And near the cash register is already raging sea – this is the first sea, with which you will learn – a sea of people who want to like you somehow get in Gelendzhik. Despite the fact that the buses do not have one and do not think the additional flights, apparently the Administration of Novorossiysk is profitable.

Two Rivers

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Reserve attraction is that there are more than 1200 plants and 300 species are found only in the North Caucasus. Here lives about 40 species of animals – deer, bison, wild boars and bears. Animals can not only to see, but to feed, buying a special bag with the food immediately. Another attraction is the Sanctuary ginseng root – 'root of life', grown here for over thirty years. Those who come to rest in Teberda, conquering the picturesque views of mountain forests and meadows, glaciers, rivers Shumkov, originating in the mountains and dumped from a height of 12 meters raging waterfall. Combined together, all this creates an unforgettable vacation in Teberda. Teberda safely be called a center of tourism and mountaineering. In winter, Teberda – ski resort.

Who has been in Teberda will never forget the beauty of the nature of these places. Going upstream p. Teberda, we see a merger Two Rivers – Amanauz ('evil mouth') and Gonachkhir and many small tributaries flowing into these rivers. If we go up Gonachkhir, we get to Kluhorsky Pass and on to the Black Sea. Going upstream Amanauz, we get the famous Dombay meadow or simply Dombai.

And the word 'Dombay' on-Karachai means 'bison', there were times when these forests are home to herds of mighty giants. Even the highest mountain in the region – Dombai-Ulgen, on place the language of these places means' bison killed. " According to another legend, the name of the valley was due to the hunter Dommayu, who died after falling into the abyss, chasing mountain goats, with the highest mountain in the vicinity of the valley. Itself populated item removed from the protected area, and to set up special tourist routes along the most interesting places. In spring and summer hiking hiking routes are laid to Chuchhurskim falls on Semenov horizon-bashi, the gorge Amanauz. Amanauz – the narrowest gorge in Dombai refer not only as a museum of nature.

Moving In The Village

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Sooner or later, before the man, who is tied into the system, the question arises, not whether to throw everything and go somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle, the noise to eternal rest. To change the situation there are several solutions, from beach resort to rural hinterland. I would like to consider the less expensive option (as it seems at first glance) – the village. And so … The choice of homes and land. After reading many articles online about how people changed their stuffy boxes of 40-60m2, on the cozy home, as soon as you dream and you live in a big house with his wife and two kids, but among the proposals sale, houses thousands of options with one, two, rarely three small rooms and units with quite Four-bedded rooms and more, but with price tags that can be purchased only by selling their home treshechku which you want to pass that there was at least some sort of "airbag" in which you lived your children when learning to at the institute. Garden size is also far from nafantazirovannyh hectares and is rarely more than 20-30 acres. Choosing the option all the same for a comfortable life in the village to attend to the choice of home with all the necessary communications.

The city does not think about it, which means sit a few days without electricity because maximum emergency lights come in 20 minutes. And get up in the cold at 5-6 o'clock in the morning to throw wood on the stove, or any city dweller does not want, so you need gas for heating your big comfortable house, and of course the house needed water and a toilet. Many say it is romantic, running into the street under the stars in the small-sized building with a hole in the floor and that you get used to, but do not forget about your children, who may not share your positive attitude.

Dreaming – Process Of Cognition

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Scientists found that during dreaming the brain works surprisingly smoothly and actively. This activity is even more concentrated than when thinking about any details. Previously thought that mental activity is easy ensured by a network of brain operations, but to really solve the complex problems of the executive body of the brain, which consists of the prefrontal cortical areas and dorsal cingulate zone. Recently conducted a simple experiment, the essence of which was that participants reaped a button as soon as they saw the number on the screen. The screen was located approximately at eye level. And with the help of magnetic resonance imaging recorded the activity brain subjects, and, of course, watching the person's attention. Experience has revealed law that the executive organ of the brain is activated, no less during the dreams of people. Thus, we can make a bold conclusion that during dreaming the brain produces no less work than solving a crossword.

Involving almost all parts of the brain. Some people find the condition in dreams sometimes take up to one third of all waking hours. And all this time the person is in a deep state of knowledge, that is, not giving yourself a report that he subconsciously solves real vital life problems. By the way, scientists have concluded that such a state as prostration. Usually it is accompanied by laziness and carelessness. This condition is similar to daydreaming, but differs from the latter. Now you can safely advise people to dream more, because this process is actually very helpful for the psychological state of man and for life. Thus, the reverie is not a vice. Of course, to live among mechatmi can not but be very very pragmatic man, too, is wrong.

Camilla Service

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As a child, imitating the adults around, copying everything we see around us, we often turn to games in daughters and mothers, school, war, the hospital and, of course, shopping. In the latter, following the order, then we become buyers, then sellers. Watching the game, notice how a child performs with abandon everything, what should a seller. Looking at him, then suddenly could not help thinking: maybe before you next minister of trade or a good salesman? On child's play is difficult to predict their future profession of the child. One thing is certain, that one in ten of them choose for themselves is trading profession, every fortieth will work in the sphere of consumer services. Year by year prestige of occupations classified as service grows.

More and more young people would be willing to link their fate with a professional service activities, unfortunately, not always by nature, in agreement with noble impulses of the soul. I suggest you test yourself by answering the question, which will show whether the right career choices made by you? On a blank sheet of paper, write a unique essay on 'What is discuss? '. Try to express its concern to the service of another person, the masses of people. Now let's see which of the three identified by psychologists in accordance with people you think of an answer in the book. For a number of years, this question, psychologists, we ask all people, both students and factory workers, and researchers, not just those whose work is connected with the provision of public services. Similar to yours, answer-essay collected more than 1,000. After any appropriate analysis on the basis of 'emotional color man's relation to maintenance activities' they divided them into three groups: neutral, positive n negative. It is noteworthy that nature of the relationship to the activities related to the service, expressed in the responses, manifested as a profession, and at home, when we deal with any request to relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and notice how no carved each of them reacts to it. There are a lot of articles on psychology sites Beauty will save the world – of family psychology, everything in the world – children spihologiya, Camilla – general psychology.


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Yes, that's the trouble – such cases require the presence of a tuxedo coat, or even that ruthless etiquette allows only add bow ties (black butterfly for a tuxedo, white – for the coat). What is a modern dandy? Only one thing – every day wear different ties with different same pins, but without any jewelry, rarely allowing himself to a pin in white gold, proud of myself its crazy price. Indeed, Imagine for a second image of the modern business man. Gray or blue, or at least a brown suit, black shoes and black socks the same, a white shirt – but do not look for that catch! Throw in a smart tie and a nice set of cufflinks and tie pins – and quite another thing. That's when you can already get out of his pocket, "Parker", or light a cigarette lighter from a solid (which is increasingly rare – not business people smoke), and the edge elegant expensive watches under a white collar does not seem inappropriate.

As to the studs, they are already several centuries elegant addition to the suit. And to abandon them as long as no one is going. Moreover, as noted by many jewelers and designers, has recently been increased interest is to cufflinks. Fashion and then appeared in time: Procession of the world has changed the look of minimalism of these products. Enzo Gulichchi, marketing director of jewelry at home Arezzo's Uno A Erre, without hesitation, said: 'Cuff soon cease to be an attribute only special occasions, and will become part of daily dress of many people. " Well, the person professionally involved in trade these enhancements seem to know better. Cufflinks in a modern form emerged only in the late 19th century, when manufacturing companies, has finally found an elegant solution to fix the cuff. Previously, cufflinks were a little a metal chain with clasp. Cufflinks play an important role in men's fashion and are seen as truly masculine accessory. This explains, for example, and that the period of greatest demand for cufflinks are Christmas holidays, when people are preparing gifts for friends and relatives. Of course, the rest of the year and cufflinks are in steady demand.