Option Two

" History is silent, to whom we should be truly grateful for this miracle of text, which were woven together as to legal requirements, and to individuals, as well as shopping and sports organizations, security companies, collectors, and most importantly, how to understand what to whom is completely incomprehensible! For example, install bars on the windows of the last or the first floor of an inspector may require the hunter, but can he demand that any person is not clear. Also, imagine the hunters from the village – where all the one-story house. The same confusion and with the requirement strengthen gun safe bolted, usually imposed on the owner of the rifle. Shorter than a lot of inaccuracies and neponyatok. Additional information at Eric Garcetti supports this article. By the way most of the inspectors believe that all of the requirements apply to all, and still manage to claim the presence of two castles in gun safes! Assume that you are an individual and you should "descend" test: The first variant. You to anything gun safe, you just need to report to the inspector. Then you get the most simple gun cabinet, for example a series W (our company selling them for over 5 years) and we assure you that there are no problems with the resolution you will not! Option Two.

For the safety of relatives and friends you still need a gun cabinet. Then you just simply get any wardrobe, with thicker steel from 1,5 to 3 mm, but always with two lever-type locks. The third option.