Obama And Clinton

Even if Obama wins new strife within the Democrats it is almost impossible that he reached the figure of 2,025 delegates with which he would assume his party’s nomination. Although Clinton repeat their victories in Texas and Ohio in Pennsylvania or other States she could not achieve that goal or if want to overtake his rival. Republicans already chose their candidate (McCain) have a system where you earn in certain States is left with all the delegates of this. The Democrats have proportional representation: one system more fair also encourages fighting internal and could make his presidential is unelected by the tens of millions of their members but by less than 800 heads of the party. If the conflict is not resolved soon the Democrats could repeat his tragedy of 1980 when its Convention chose their candidate and that helped Reagan razed in the elections. Obama and Clinton could end as those two squirrels who fight for a walnut of both were devoured by a wolf. Original author and source of the article.