No Cheers Of Coziness In The RTL Mittagsmagazin “12 Point”

From 27 August is here ‘Criticism ala carte beer garden competition’ in four episodes of Cologne, 24 August 2012 – in the new weekly series, three beer gardens make the judgement of the competition. The beer garden competition ala carte for criticism”per two operators of three beer gardens, visiting each other and put everything on the test bench the gardens itself as well as the quality of food and the cleanliness of the toilets. Each of the three beer gardens boasts a unique and distinctive style, and makes the viewers at home on the comfortable couch pleasure even in his region to visit such unusual locations. Here, Ronnie Wood expresses very clear opinions on the subject. When Jupp unner de goats”is provided in Haltern am see Bavarian atmosphere. “Holiday feeling prevails in the beer garden of seaside beach Baldeney, located directly on the Lake” in Essen and the Odonische beer garden “in Cologne, Germany surprises its guests with unique works of art. Not only within the framework of the competition the beer garden owners consider the equipment of the competitors with Eyes wide open.

Finally, each of them can find new suggestions and ideas for the company by participating in the broadcast. But all have a common desire: to make them fun, too! The competition lives by the different locations and the good-humored protagonists”, broadcast journalist Juliane Klein says. Each of them takes seriously the inspection of the competition, but all participants are open for relaxing actions.” Such an action is lifting a ten-kilogram beer mugs. All participants have the ambition to raise him. But the will to emerge victorious from the beer garden competition is even greater. “Finally the winning couple proudly allowed a two liter mug with engraving criticism ala carte winner” as a suitable trophy into the air. The four-part series critique ala carte of beer competition”runs from Monday, 27 August, Monday to Thursday between 12:00 and 14:00 in the RTL midday journal point 12″.