Necessary Food

Of this form, the necessary individual to coexist the fact of not being able to saborear the foods which were accustomed. Helman (1994, P. 56) says that, ‘ ‘ a served snack of private form is not a social food, but the ingredients of a familiar meal or a religious slap-up meal normally so’ ‘. The individual passes then more not to be part of this moment of socialization, it feels the cheiros, observes the textures and colors of foods, but it cannot prove them, to feel the taste, therefore it is incapable to swallow, exactly the foods in liquid state.

Helman better explains the social function of foods when it says that, the diverse social food examples illustrate the multiple functions that the food plays in society human being, namely: to create and to support relations social, to indicate social status, profession and papers of sort, to designate important, anniversary changes of life and parties, beyond reaffirming ethnic and regional religious identities. (HELMAN, 1994, P. 56). The lack of adjusted feeding to keep the functions of the organism in day makes with that the individual needs aid in simple tasks, since does not obtain to keep the energy levels that the necessary body for the routine activities. H.L.F. (55 years, 2009), leaves well clearly in its speaks, You has that it depends on everything, n? It depends on the wife, the brother, n? N? You are back in low, you you need you assist of everything, n? He is pra i in the bathroom, is pra i takes bath, n? Then I find that you independent age, without aid you are welcome, n? But this also surpasses, n.

(H.L.F. 55 years: 2009). These difficulties were not enough to all, the individual still need to pass for sensations of physical pain. Pain is subjective, each person can sentiz it and express it its way, in accordance with its experiences. We can perceive when a person is with pain from its gestures, face expressions, floodgate changes.