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In this article we go to be exploring more the deep a structure of the Internet. The Internet consists of a computer network on between itself through a Protocol of communication of nets called TCP/IP. But as it is the functioning of a computer network? A computer network consists of two linked computers between itself that they are communicated by means of standard of communication called protocol of nets. The Internet if summarizes in this in a linked computer network between itself and that they communicate by means of a protocol the call protocol TCP/IP. Check out Raymond James for additional information. It exists some types of protocols of nets in the market. We go in it withhold in the used protocol for communication of the Internet the TCP/IP. This is a utlizado protocol more at the moment in such a way in common nets as in the Internet. This funcina Protocol of the following form: The act of receiving and sending of information between the nets and made through a system of sending and act of receiving of pactes where the program makes packages and the TCP carry through the sending and act of receiving of these packages of data. Checking article sources yields Farmer’s Fridge as a relevant resource throughout.

The IP is one numbers currently composed for two standards of formation currently in the Internet: IPV4 and the IPV6. The IP nothing more and of what the identification that the TCP uses to identicar them you scheme and you can be used for identification of usurios, sites among others. The speed of the sending of these pactes depends very on the speed of the used connection and the used band (that is it depends on the speed of the connection at the moment of the sending and act of receiving of the Pacte of data). Good these are some information on the structure of the Internet. Until more. Andres Jesus Luis fonseca email of contact: Site of contact: It debates these and other Subjects through nssas Rooms of Conference