We have trend, I speak of me in particular, of to want to eternalize them when they are good and to twist so that really they are moments when they do not please, they are not happy. Translation software follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The bad one is that nor always we have in mind that the life is as a bedspread of remnants that pparently do not combine between itself and is trying to mount an only figure to be able to look at and to say: – Ah! Now yes she is ready and it can be used We forget that the favour is exactly in the exaggeration and the lack of the rabbet of the remnants. It is this that of a harmony, of the o air of mystery and each one looks at and sees the figure that to want or that will be able to see. The moments can be eternalized yes, in the mind and in the heart, it is alone to feel and to choose the ones that really are valid the penalty. But for this they have that to be lived and not to be jumped or to be left of side as mere a remnant of life without usefulness.

Happiness does not exist a called entity, that will arrive in a beautiful covered cart pulled for elegant white horses, that will go to beat well in our door in one morning of sun with a carrying messenger of the secret of the life. happiness is made of happy moments that pass fast and they do not leave message and nor they inform when and if they go to come back. To know to appreciate these moments is that they make the life to be valid the penalty of being lived. All it passes very and painful fast excessively, it does not advance to want to hold. I had a professor that he said a phrase that I never more forgot that he was more or less thus? ' ' The true party is to wait for the party, because the same one passed so fast that not of nor to sentir' '.