Modern Kitchen Technology

Glass aprons in the kitchen – an excellent alternative to ceramic tiles! Due to certain properties of the base material from which made an apron, you can register as one whole panel (or divided only 2-3 parts, according to the size oblitsuemoy zone). As a result, it has many advantages in solving everyday problems: the small number of joints to connect guarantees are less likely to dirt, as well as convenience hygienic care of the surface. For those who doubt the reliability of an apron made of glass, to announce that modern technologies allow to make it even much stronger than standard ceramic tile. With apron on zone is usually tempered glass and obratnokrashennoe (enamel, which is its variety.) Their main advantage is its ability to withstand any temperature conditions without risk of deformation: the maximum temperature that can withstand such aprons in the kitchen, quite impressive – up to 250 degrees. This means that the aprons are made of glass can be installed without fear even close to a gas or electric stove. The glass is covered with paint Obratnokrashennoe so that eventually forms an a whole. Cash layer is not peeled or at elevated temperatures or humidity. Also popular steklopaneli with another type of drawing pictures.

In this regard, we provide customers with a hollow freedom of choice: photos, drawings, graphics, color and black and white images, applique. The glass in the kitchen aprons are made several ways: with laminated photographs (glass thickness 6 mm); glass with photographic images (thickness – 8 to 10 mm); tempered glass with reverse printed (thickness – 6 mm); double glass panels in the middle with Poster (thickness each glass – 4 mm). The nature of the images can be very different, based on the customer's choice: we propose the creation of aprons in the kitchen as on their own procurements, as well as the drawings of the ordering party. Snapshots can be be transparent to opaque and the background, perfectly harmonizing with the overall color of the room. Mounted on a kitchen apron is very reliable. The first way is to mount on the rails, screws with decorative clips closed tone in the main background.

To do this, on the surface of the future kitchen apron doing is along the edges of 4 holes. In this method of mounting the smallest demands on the quality of pre-walls – the kitchen aprons can be even strengthen over the tiles. The second method – the glue. It is more scrupulous in regard to the surface on which is mounted, so it requires advance preparation of the wall. Although this method delivers more trouble, but the glass apron in the kitchen then looks much more attractive and effective. Order these aprons in the kitchen can have. We guarantee individual approach and high quality work in compliance with all technological features of production and assembly. As a result, your kitchen will become an original, and unique look, and you can only enjoy life: perfectly smooth glass surface is easy to contained in the clean and tidy, no scratches and cracks, not weaken and do not fade from time to time, accept any changes in temperature, the effect of direct sunlight and chemicals.