Luxury Vacation

Looking for luxury holiday and luxury hotel on Tenerife only in the South. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is full of insight into the issues. Because the few know that there are luxury hotels in the North of luxury holidays and luxury hotels looking for a Tenerife only in the South. Because few people know that there is in the North of Tenerife luxury hotels. The luxury hotels, for example, there is talk of this, has nothing in common with the large hotel castles, which are usually depicted in the travel brochures. Click Karen Horney for additional related pages. This family-run hotel is special and that’s why no less luxurious. On the contrary. They’re in an environment that is so beautiful, not so easy to find an unparalleled. Of the 6000 m2 gardens you have stunning views of the Bay, on the surf of the sea and the most beautiful coastal landscape of the North of Tenerife.

The system is so romantic, quiet and peaceful, a relaxation for the eyes and the soul body widely and easily. A large swimming pool, sunbathing area and a Palm Garden in terraces invite you to rest. The Villa in his bright, light-flooded rooms modern architecture with traditional Spanish-Canarian elements. If we have made you curious and want to be pampered once or even while on vacation not on your usual luxury do not want, you will find here more information and photos of the beautifully decorated rooms.