Laying Linoleum

Linoleum is a beautiful and practical flooring. In addition, linoleum can be quite simple to lay yourself, go around without any diy repairmen. The results of your work will not be worse than the results most of these artists. At least, the degree of satisfaction with the results of their work will likely be higher than the results of the invited artists (from them-something professionals who are always expecting something more, and you get ). Only need to know what should be done. And – with the help of any tools. And yet – what are the pitfalls and difficulties can expect you. All this is just mentioned in our article.

So, here are the following basic steps, following which you single bed linoleum. and even if you going to trust job invited masters Anyway, read this article. Some of these steps in any case will be executed by you. 1. preparation. In this step, do the following: a) Exempt room of furniture. It is highly desirable to do that then nothing stopped working.

Even heavy cabinets or advise to remove the sofas. Emptiness in the room and facilitate the work will continue to save significant time and nerves. B) critically assess the fiduciary. If you have old linoleum, invited the builders will likely advise you to clean it up. But I would not hurry. Of course, the old linoleum, especially on a felt base, can contain dust and dirt. But if you put a new top of the old linoleum, the floor will be warmer and softer.