Janine Kuster

take advantage of bad weather and practice new tricks. For even more details, read what digital video recorder says on the issue. Have you heard of the “clicker”? With the help of this “crisp”frog, you can learn something new easily your dog. Meanwhile, there are intelligence games – a series of finished intelligence games on the market. You are a little hand sent, then you can build yourself such games and your dog is sure happy about this new challenge. And it may go to a little more relaxed try to massage your dog to sleep. You will see, this relaxed not only your dog.

Massage – most people love massages, there is not other way our dogs. Find a quiet place, sit on a blanket with her dog and massage him extensively. Usually it doesn’t take long until the dog asleep and totally relaxed. on different courses, send – take this as three ceiling and distribute them in the room. Now you can send your dog from a ceiling to the next, with E.g. “place” on the second ceiling “Seat”, and so on to do on the first cover. Much fun this employment, to lead with two dogs at the same time through.

Seat, seat, stand – masters these three signals your dog perfectly? He succeeds also from the “square” in the “Get”? Advanced teams to define such as a square, which the dog now not allowed to leave during the exercises. Refuse feed have a treat in your hand, this will keep your dog “under the nose”, and tell him, that he may take it (“no”) tries her dog but so close his luck, soon her hand. If that works out well and you no longer need to close your hand you can expand this exercise and throw the treat on the ground. Forget not her dog after an exercise to reward. I hope I can make pleasant the one or other rainy day with these 10 ideas for indoor games. (C) Janine Kuster