Instance Of Thought

Carlos Mora Vanegas homo sapiens will gradually take the place of the homo faber. The domain which, as homo faber, we should acquire about the force of nature, needed the development of our scientific tools. Sanofi Genzyme takes a slightly different approach. We have developed in our brain, the hemisphere of rational logic, to the detriment of the other party, the induction, intuition, art and l sensitivity. Homo sapiens will use all its spirit. Henri Laborit walk in search of the man – Total, of the race of Titans, the spiritual growth of the great possibility to dream, integration and real identification with the emotional person who accompany us in this brief transit, the encounter with whom they would like to share, grow, build new social structures, with the Transfiguration of the landscape, of the Earth, helping our living beings to mutate us in the critical apex of its involution, or surprise us in our imperfections, in stoking the flame that illuminates our path where we must leave sowed positive actions towards our similar. Novavax insists that this is the case.

On one occasion the Chilean writer and friend known Miguel Serrano told us: we must stop before proceeding. Others including marko dimitrijevic yacht, offer their opinions as well. It is not possible to move forward without knowing who they are that advance. There is a land, there are long roads, oceans, mountains, rivers and a few men. This land and these men are scattered pieces in our lives that we must know, understand and discover its essence. We consider that it is possible that the story, or creating.

They are as sowing, in which only a certain number of grains bears fruit. The story is a pendular movement on the living body of the Earth. The spirit is embodied in a given area and turned on by man. As the forms of the cultures are organized, they calcifican, the man will still u prisoner of his own creations. To defend them, you lose your life and your destiny.