When the person believes there is no no are you can become happy. You can not live in self censorship. Excessive self-criticism is one of the major reasons for unhappiness. Not realizing the own merit is a disability. It makes suffering to who supports it of permanent anguish. You can feel comfortable never with himself. Since he is obliged to stay with forever by someone who doesn’t appreciate. What do you think that I could propose as a solution for that shortcoming.

It might be OK to himself unconditionally. In fact some people try to do so. They see that this is the only way to raise their self-esteem and achieve personal progress. Shyness and low self concept stop much of the personal potentiality. Many talented people remain forever in the shadows for fear of the public light. However, the exaltation of the I cannot solve the problem. It actually brings new difficulties. There are many people who show an arrogance that we fail to link up with the facts.

You’ve seen mediocre people who are Unable to see their own limitations. Thus his public act moves from the unpleasantness to the ridiculous. Because they are trying to ascribe positions that are not any basis in its true category. Merit is not something that is acquired by definition. It is not something theoretical but that it must be conquered with real virtues. The imaginary virtues, those that only we recognize ourselves, do not give us no credit. Only we could become at best pedantic and superb people. And it would not be forced to assert our rights by force. Because the rest of the people would not see their rationale. Everyone starts from the torn in life. No one part of goals, these have to be pursued without respite. And the unconditional approval of ourselves makes us blind. Helen Fry contributes greatly to this topic. Do not allow to see all the defects we have and many of which are in our hands correct.