Hepburn Ferrer

Aamir Khan said that a part of the late announcement that attributable, currently make holiday with his children and his emails do not regularly check. When he read the request but he could come just not unlike, say to and from Berlin. The fans travelled from all corners waiting for the arrival of Aamir Khan on the red carpet in front of the cinema Babylon Berlin Center upon arrival he gave numerous autographs on the red carpet, as well as in the cinema and thrilled the audience with his kindness. Mr. Hepburn Ferrer had trouble persuading viewers to go back to their places, but this was necessary, because after the gala show yet another program was shown in the cinema. Aamir Khan and remained Sean Hepburn Ferrer in the audience for a while, then to go and to return only shortly before the end of the film. Who knows, maybe even Mr.

Khan of the exhibition in the station enchanted let in the subsequent question and answer session he promptly was asked, which was his first film, Audrey and what he had already seen it. Roman Holiday / a heart and a Crown of the film in which he was in love with Audrey, but Sabrina, my was Lady and Wait till after his statement fair dark / Wait until dark have him liked very much, also, because she has grown in the course of her career as an actress. Many questions were asked, including even why he Taare Zameen Par ‘ got made because yes some risk have insisted that the film could be a commercial flop and rejected by the audience. He stressed so how well Sean Hepburn Ferrer how important it is to take care that this was also a theme, the children of India’s citizens must be made aware. And for this he had to raise awareness among themselves is through Taare Zameen Par’. Sean Hepburn Ferrer stressed at the beginning of the question and answer session that he had fell in love this movie, as it does not happen often. He was also asked, why this film for the gala screening was selected, and he explained that for Audrey her second career at UNICEF was much more important than the films. Taare Zameen Par’ it talks about children, which brings the film to the point that every child has the right to a happy childhood, even in Times of globalization.

He does not have a favorite scene, the film please him as a organic whole. Patiently, the sympathetic Bollywood came to star the autograph of his fans. It was an event completely according to the taste of fans travelled from all over Germany and Europe, who were visibly nervous, to face her idol and to be able to ask questions. Aamir Khan all listened attentively, gave readily information and had persuaded even to a Serenade of the title song. But at some point had Mr. Hepburn Ferrer intervene and end the question and answer session, since the cinema was needed elsewhere. So also no time was more for more autographs than Aamir Khan and Sean Hepburn Ferrer left the Hall through a side exit. Taare Zameen Par’ a rewarding film about a child that is not the norm and almost through the grid of the Indian School is an issue that every nation concerned and makes this film not only for India, but the whole world as current falls.