Hand Bag Trends

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As all the clothes and everything connected with it, handbags are influenced by fashion trends. What are they for the new season? Because for the spring-summer season the fashion 70-80 – s, with its superb tonal variety, diversity various prints. Bags of summer season also feature a variety of shapes and sizes. This is a big bulky bags like in previous seasons, clutches, envelopes most vivid colors. Also on the podium a bright spot visible Small handbags on a long strap. What are the main features? Most submissions bags for spring / summer 2010 is the skin. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Storm Reid has to say.

It is worth noting that its color is a wide color palette: from soft peach and white to dark blue and black. Does not give its leadership and "bestial texture" of the skin. Also among the trends for handbags this season is worth noting – knitted bags, knitted fabrics, and combination skin. What is common among all of the great variety of colors, textures and sizes? Copious amounts of decor and various accessories for bitches. Even if it is a little terse clutch in your hand, it will be an integral piece of lightning strip with sparkles, geometric pattern. If the size of the bag more here opens a wide scope for the imagination of the designer. This large number of different pockets, fringe, braids, weaves various kinds, bows and other decorations. Amid all this diversity thing to remember one thing: Pick what you like and do not be shy.