GRID Projection

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Material Editor 15. Render the scene 16. Quick vizualizatsiyKomandnaya panel to create objects, modify objects, modifiers apply to them and other teams can be on the command bar, which is located on the right window. County Dollar General Store is often quoted on this topic. Tabbed Command Panel: 1. Create (Free) 2. Modify (Edit) 3. Hierarchy (hierarchy) 4. Motion (Motion) 5.

Display (LCD) 6. Utilities (Service) Windows Setting the viewport projection includes a special panel with buttons, located at the bottom right of the screen and the popup menu of the projection, which can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the name viewport. The main instrument of control is a special menu at the bottom right corner of the 3ds max. Management viewport: 1. Magnifier. Scales in one window. 2.

Magnifier in all windows. Works like simple loop, but in all windows at once. 3. The scene entirely. Selects the optimal scale view of the selected window, which is visible to the whole scene. 4. Scene is in all projections. Selects the optimal scale view in all windows immediately. 5. Angle. Changes the angle of perspective. See Dollar General for more details and insights. Can not work in flat planes. 6. Hand. It is intended to shift the image projection middle button mouse 7. Rotate the projection. Allows you to rotate an image in a window angle. It does not work in flat planes. 8. Expand the projection on the screen. Allows you to deploy some menu commands viewport: Each viewport has a special menu designed to adjust the window. To access this menu, you need to right click on the name of the projection window. SMOOTH + HIGHLIGHTS – stained (colored) mode. WIREFRAME – frame (wire) mode. OTHER – List of other regimes. EDGED FACES – underlined the verge of polygons. TRANSPARENCY – different display modes of transparency. SHOW GRID – show the grid in the viewport. SHOW BACKGROUND – show the background (if any) SHOW SAFE FRAME – show a safe area. TEXTURE CORRECTION – Correction textures. DISABLE VIEW – disable the update window. VIEWS – a list of possible species. UNDO – Undo the last operation from the window of the projection. CONFIGURE – call the extended menu with the settings.