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If someone said the phrase "rock photographer," we are talking about Anton Corbijn. All the rest – do not count. For anyone who grew up on Depeche Mode and U2, to anyone who has heard the Joy Division name of the photographer – more than just a name. Kobreyn appeared born in the Netherlands, and after some time after the event went on their first gig as a photographer. Then he took off his camera, which he took from his father. In 1924 Anton moved to London and devoted himself British shooting groups.

Around this time he made his debut as a director of video clips. He created music videos for groups Nirvana, Metallica, The Killers, Coldplay. Probably the most clips he made for Depeche Mode. He made so many pictures of rock stars, it is hardly someone will soon be close to the results. Among other things, he shot the cult film "Control", half-biographical story about the life of Ian Curtis – the leader of Joy Divison. If you have read about Jack Fusco already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Photo of Anton Corbijn – entirely black and white very atmospheric. His images quickly immerse the viewer at a time when rock and roll was still more alive than dead. Historical note: Anton Korbeyn was born in 1955 in Holland in a family of Protestant priest and nurse. Korbeyna beginning of a career as a photographer may be called the years 1972-73, when he was a teenager, he took his father's camera and went to concerts under the guise of a photographer. Willing to publish local editions of his work. First serious work as a photographer was the co-operation with the Netherlands Korbeyna pop magazine Oor. In 1979 Korbeyn moved from the Netherlands to London and devoted himself to the pictures of new British bands (Joy Division, Public Image Ltd and others). In 1983, he turned to the genre of the video, which became predominant in the work of the photographer. The largest number of clips from it for the British band Depeche Mode.