Fair Chocolate Makes It Doubly Happy

A scientific study by the University of California that makes chocolate a happy (and thus addictive), which is already known. But as scientists now discovered, fair trade chocolate is even happier. To a group of scientists of the University of California at Los Angeles conducted a series of tests with students at the University. Ian Tabibnia and Matthew D. Liebermann’s team found out it that fairness enabled the reward system in our brains as well, such as chocolate or money. Thus, fairness also ensures a feeling of happiness. The subjects of the investigation got the deal to share money with someone else.

If both subjects shared the money, they were allowed to keep the money. The students but refused the fair offer, they received different offers, like for example 5 of 10 or 12 bucks, or even just 5 of 23 dollars. The subjects were always just a sum of $5 get this amount remained the same in each attempt. However, the subjects took this sum was different fair. The Perception therefore depended on the fairness of the situation. A fair offer activates the same regions of the brain, such as eating our favorite dish, the sight of a beautiful face or the profit of money”, so the test Director Hotasi Tabibnia.

However, an unfair offer was accepted so the reward system in the brain remained inactive was not claimed in the region. On the contrary even: the activity of the Insula was massively reinforced. This is the region of the brain, which is associated with feelings of outrage or disgust in conjunction. Conclusion: Fair play activates the reward system in our brain and we will be happy. This is exactly the same feeling of happiness which arises from the consumption of chocolates or chocolate confectionery. We enjoy so fair trade chocolate, then we are likely to be also twice as happy and satisfied after eating. Gabi Dah