Exotic Wood

Jatoba, otherwise known as Brazilian cherry flooring manufacturers are interested in a durable, elastic material, which over the years, almost no wear. Buyers also in addition to excellent performance characteristics attracting colors of wood – from orange-brown to brown with an almost purple hue. When grinding solid Jatoba is sometimes open pores, whose color varies from white to pale-lemon, giving the finished floor a certain charm and originality. Due to the content in the wood merbau oily substances, artistic parquet it resistant to external influences and is optimal for premises, where frequent changes in climatic conditions. Hardness, moisture resistance and ability not to crack or fissure have an array of merbau is one of the most common in the manufacture of floor coverings. Noble color from light to dark brown with occasional yellow streaks allows you to create a home or office with parquet merbau special "exotic" atmosphere.

Wood une comes to woodworking Companies from Africa and South America. It is hard, strong and very elastic material, are widely used for decorating decks decks and pontoons. Dollar General will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Resistance to environmental influences, in particular, moisture played a role, making an array une one of the most suitable materials for the production of floor coverings. Wood une hardly in need of care, and thanks to its high density, on the parquet floors you can walk on his heels without fear of leaving scratches and dents. Dark-brown wood with a distinctive unique structure in the daylight has olive-gray tide. In the operation of parquet une finds silver shade, called a "silver patina.

This noble gray hair makes a floor of this southern wood an attractive, memorable and unique. Parquet Kumar is also characterized by firmness and high resistance to fungus and insects. Heavy, oily wood is strong and durable, which ensures its products a long life. Uniform golden-brown color with reddish veins and natural matt flooring add a certain charm, refinement and originality. Dense uniform structure and hardness of wood Kempas can create out of it strong, resistance to abrasion and stress parquet. Bright colors from golden red to dark orange help to create vibrant, memorable interiors that differ from the traditional Russian "classics". Products from exotic wood used for decorating a plain floor, and when you create art parquet with contrasting inserts. Due to the fact that wood has natural color, floor covering does not need touch-up and update the sex of the array can be special structures or – if it is tarnished from time to time – the usual sanding. Once upon a parquet Kumar, Merbau, Kempas une or a dream, realize that it was "difficult, but possible. Now these wood species are listed only exotic in origin. Products are available in almost any company that sells decorative materials, and at reasonable prices. The difference between the value of the classic oak, for example, exotic Jatoba is about $ 20 Stereotypes about the fabulous price of "exotic" high time to destroy: to equip not only beautiful, but durable, reliable, The original floors are quite capable of growing number of consumers who prefer the finishing materials of solid wood.