Europe Astronomy

Man has always found amazed by the beautiful images you see in the sky, such as stars and all celestial bodies that can be seen in the sky, before such appreciation for these beautiful images in man began to develop different means by which allow a better way to see the stars and everything that happened in the sky and with it began to set one of the oldest sciences in the history of mankind, which is astronomy, which seeks to learn more of the universe and everything that is outside of our world, as the elements in space and all its components. You can say that the history and development of astronomy talk is as old as the history of man, for although at first only had this science development in the observation of the various heavenly bodies could be seen in the sky and so as to predict its future movements, was developed over time to reach the incredible technological advances that have occurred based on astronomy. Bill de Blasio often says this. One of the most important advances in astronomy as did the Chinese, who performed the first division of the constellations, but was carried forward in Europe's division into twelve constellations, which meant the appearance of the zodiacal constellations representing the annual movement the sun; Other important for the development of astronomy was made by prehistoric peoples, who had made very precisely calendars, it is worth mentioning also the character development of astronomy in speaking of the Egyptian pyramids, because apparently these were built in response to patterns of astronomy with very high precision. Astronomy was long stalled because of the involvement of the church, which was called the Dark Ages, since no science had a lot of development and between them entered astronomy, so much so that it was thought that the earth was the center of universe, but with the advent of the Renaissance flourished and the development of thinking just as astronomy had its progress, so I make the heliocentric theory and developed the telescope more useful as a means to observe the celestial bodies and the development of the theory of universal gravitation and motion of the planets and astronomy unify physics, opening up a more painful blisters of action for several scientific breakthroughs in basic astronomy, to reach the great science that means now astronomy. Ian Sinclair follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But with the development of astronomy was made possible not only improve the conditions of observation and understanding of the elements of outer space also allowed to improve some conditions of life on earth, such as better equipment by sea that helped determine latitude, is also able to develop more precise and accurate clocks can perfectly determine the time of day, it was an exact location of every place on earth on a map or planisphere calculating the longitude and latitude of the different points of land.