Error 1: Saute all together is very common in a recipe you may need Saute onion, bell pepper, Eggplant and meat, just to give an example. However, these foods do not have all the same cooking times. If we put everything together in the Pan when the Eggplant is ready probably meat already is too dry. Medical billing career may not feel the same. That is why it is advisable to know cooking times and insert it in the skillet to Saute them in order, by first placing those who take more and in the end those who just need a couple of minutes. This requires experience, but will help keep dishes tasty and colorful. Error 2: not having enough temperature one of the strongest of the sauteed features is good for searing.

It is said that on the surface of them will cause a chemical reaction that will close the pores making liquids kept inside. This brings as result meals with attractive colors, with a slight tone Golden on the outside and juicy on the inside. However, for this seal there is necessary that the Pan and the fat are at high temperature. Otherwise, the food will absorb the FAT (oil or butter) and will not cook properly. To avoid this error, it is recommended to test the temperature of the fat before you dump all the food. For that, you can dump only a part (a piece of onion, for example).

Error 3: place too many items on many occasions is necessary to cook large amounts of food, and to save time, we put everything together in the pan. The problem of doing this is that lost heat from the Pan, doing nothing to Cook as it should and also take much more time to receive so many foods at room temperature or even at refrigerator temperature of coup. A solution to this problem is to cook in batches or batches, or using more than one pan at the same time in different burners. Error 4: not properly dried plants due to the large amount of pesticides and other chemicals that are grown today, is necessary to wash all vegetables before use them in a recipe. However, it is not enough to just wash them: is also key that they are well dried, no traces of water. Otherwise, to dump them in the frying pan the water boil and cause steam, which will not give as a result a sauteed Golden and dry. This error may prevent drying vegetables with sheets of kitchen paper or using a centrifuge.