It does not say it loves that me; it only loves me Is sufficiently! It does not say that I am its life. It does not need I do not want to be its life, I want to be its pleasure (only pleasure) To live moments the two. Check out Michelin Star Restaurant for additional information. Only I and you. But that it forgets later me Disappears and at night appears You is a good party, but my heart already was broken does not know more to love; I was looser I do not arrive in the hour, before or later He arrives now! At this moment It uses to advantage has taken Me even so to the moment, Only steals me pra you not if it forgets later returning That it is alone for pleasure To go crazy, gone crazy But for pleasure; not for having a broken heart In the exit, nothing it matters later that the door is closed Comes that this night I find until nor I go to drink This night I go to only live pra you While it will be with you. It comes! We go to run all the perigos I I accept what you to want Accepted what to give to me and alone I want what to be given Since that she is without commitment You arrive now you do not wait that she is to the hour Let us make Same love without love essence Let us love and we go even so Let us make goddess of Venus! It comes without fear of people wild Love, burning hot sex Daqui pro end later pra always