Director Klaus Wolfermann

Independent rating for closed-end funds records ‘CBI 5’ from which property can be trusted now? The independent experts of Fund of INVESTMENT (the original) examined this question. A quantitative and qualitative procedures selected the best Fund and initiator of the Fund experts from INVESTMENT (the original), in the compound of the time Warner group, which have created international comparison parameters. Managing Director Klaus Wolfermann in conversation with the experts of the INVESTMENT (the original). INVESTMENT: Why are things now particularly recommended? Klaus Wolfermann: currently many investors are anxious about the security of their assets. The current crisis is also systems in question, which were previously considered safe. Money values are especially vulnerable given the horrendous rising public debt. Value of money principle already since the keyword hits value decades\”.

It is in regard to the low official rates of inflation in the last ten years unfortunately the investor only to a subordinate Criterion has become. And that, despite numerous discussions with investors the perceived loss of purchasing power from the conversion of DM to euro often is mourned. Anyone who followed the media today, is showered with messages in which predominantly billion losses and corresponding government grants is mentioned. The Governments of the world increasingly spend money that does not exist and is usually also not appropriate economic performance covered by. This will inevitably lead to a loss of purchasing power and inflation. In such an environment, offer tangible assets, even in the extreme case of going, security before a complete loss of the asset. \”Especially residential real estate in reasonable situations are not living according to the motto isn’t\” always needed and therefore a higher protection. Based on these findings, the investment in tangible assets, particularly substance-strong real estate values, as in the CBI 5 imposes formally! INVESTMENT: What makes closed-end funds as asset class stock exchange crisis resistant? Klaus Wolfermann: the closed-end funds is investments the asset class from our point of view to associate.